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Vegan Restaurant Guides and Reviews

Friends of Animals' Vegan Restaurant Guides and Reviews

At Friends of Animals, we believe that eating vegan is the most direct and life-affirming form of animal rights activism. The term that defines a plant-based diet and an animal-friendly outlook has, to date, been associated with what someone doesn’t eat, however. This is understandable: Vegans often engage in lively discussion about how and why they made the change from animal products to a pure vegetarian lifestyle. From environmental degradation to health risks to the inequity inherent in industries that exploit animals for profit, reasons for change abound. When we take animals off the menu, however, we open doors to a whole new array of healthful and delicious foods. Simply put, vegan food tastes great!

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New York vegan restaurant guide

Restaurant Reviews

G-Zen, Brandford, CT

Melanie's Vegan Eden, Providence RI

Radha, NYC

Sacred Chow, NY

Pukk, NY


Pure Food and Wine, New York, NY

Sunwishes, Philadelphia, PA

SuTao Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

The Nile Café, Philadelphia, PA