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Calling CT supporters: Testify in support of Cecil’s Law Monday

March 02, 2017 | cecil's law

Please help Friends of Animals get Cecil’s Law across the finish line by testifying at a public hearing Monday in Hartford or by sending in written testimony. Cecil’s Law, S.B. No. 942, drafted by Friends of Animals, which would ban the importation, sale, possession and transportation of African elephants, lions, leopards and black and white rhinos and their body parts in Connecticut, is making its way through the legislature. You can read the bill here.

Championed by State Sen. Bob Duff, the trophy hunting ban legislation will have a public hearing in front of the Environment Committee at 10:30 a.m., Monday, March 6 at the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave., Hartford in room 2B. To submit written testimony, send an email to: with your name, which bill you’re submitting on (SB 942), and why you support it. Also include a phone number. The subject can read: “Written Testimony in Support of SB 942.”

To determine Connecticut’s role in trophy hunting, Friends Of Animals submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeking information about trophy hunting permits given to Connecticut residents from 2005-2015. We uncovered that 65 trophy hunting permits were issued to Connecticut residents. All except for six were provided so people could hunt and kill leopards for their trophies; the others allowed CT residents to kill African elephants in Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. While we pursue this legislative effort, we anticipate even more detailed information from an FOIA submitted by our Wildlife Law Program to see what portion of the 1,541 documented lion trophies that have come in through the only nearby port in New York over the last decade actually then went to CT residents.

The importance of Cecil's law is that it recognizes legal trophy hunting as one of the main reasons that Africa’s Big Five face extinction. Cecil’s Law sends a strong message to Connecticut, Washington and the rest of the country that trophy hunting needs to be stopped, as these endangered species are already fighting for their lives because of poaching, habitat loss. There is no evidence that trophy hunting contributes to local conservation in Africa, but there is evidence it contributes to poaching.

“Last year, I was proud to lead Senate passage of Cecil’s Law and look forward to once again leading on this issue,” said Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk, Conn.). “Banning the importation, transportation and possession of certain African wildlife parts will help protect endangered species who are being brutally hunted and needlessly killed. Across the continent, African nations are working to protect elephants, lions, leopards and rhinoceroses from extinction, and passing Cecil’s Law is a small step we can take to help them.”


Please, I support the law.

Trophy hunters vile. They should be hunted down and shot at point blank range like the defenceless animals they slaughter for 'sport'

There is no place in society to say it's OK to slaughter these majestic animals for "sport" and money. No one should have to tell you they need protection. It's wrong and the very vast majority agrees with me.


I was so distraught over the killing of this beautiful majestic animal.

This can't happen !! We are killing animals into extinction

Stop the killing. Stop the Trophy hunting.

Banning the importation, transportation and possession of certain African wildlife parts will help protect endangered species who are being brutally hunted and needlessly killed. This is a MUST !!!!

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