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Vermont Governor Signs Pro-Puppy Mill Bill into Law

June 20, 2017 | puppy mills


What is the acceptable level of suffering and animal abuse? There is NONE—and that’s why we have a jeer for Vermont Gov. Phillip Scott, who signed a Humane Society of the United States-backed bill into law just days ago that reduces the cage space allocated to many dogs in puppy mills. 


You can’t regulate atrocities, and we’d like to see legislation passed that would reduce the number of puppy mills to zero in Vermont, not reduce cage size. What’s shocking to us is that the Humane Society of the United States, which fundraises based on the idea that it opposes puppy mills, as well as some Vermont humane societies, supported this bill.


 According to the bill, a medium-sized dog at a puppy mill or breeder, like a 50-pound bulldog, was allotted 20 square feet under the previous law, but will now get a measly 12 square feet. And a very large dog, like a 120-pound Saint Bernard, was allotted 30 square feet under the previous law, and that has been reduced to 24 square feet.


Reducing cages sizes used at Vermont puppy mills, and removing the requirement for a house for dogs that “guard livestock” will most certainly create  more suffering and death. Dogs die in the blazing sun and freeze to death in our frigid winters without protection because dogs,  like any mammal, are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Shame on Gov. Scott!



This is unacceptable!

Evil bastard


It's despicable to make their lives worse. Please change this!

Please ban all puppy mills and breeders. We need to enact policies which promote adoption,versus buying. There is nothing humane about this bill.

Please eliminate puppy & cat mills entirely!

Shame on Vermont and on their inhumane governor, Mr Scott, and a special shame to the Humane Society for having anything to do with a bill that isn't to eliminate puppy mills. The Humane Society will not get another cent from me and I will take Vermont off of my list of places to visit. Despicable and deplorable.

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