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Whale sanctuary is one step closer to reality

July 03, 2017 | marine life / whales / orcas / killer whale

We have a humongous cheer for the Whale Sanctuary Project, which was created last year and announced recently that experts from the fields of animal protection, veterinary medicine, conservation, engineering and law are currently exploring possible locations for the world’s first seaside sanctuary for orcas and belugas held in theme parks. They are looking in Washington State, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, with the goal of selecting a site by the end of this year and welcoming the first animals to the new sanctuary early in 2020.

While there are many urgent causes to support, the team involved explains the importance of this one. 

“Throughout history, great teachers from every culture have encouraged us to treat others as we would want to be treated in their place. By restoring to these amazing animals the ability to live their lives according to their own nature, we dignify not only them but also ourselves. We need a new, more respectful relationship with wildlife and nature if we wish to survive on Earth. Sanctuaries like this can help build that relationship.”

Friend of Animals couldn’t agree more. To find out more about the Whale Sanctuary Project and to subscribe to a newsletter about the project, visit their website. 


Whales need a. Sanctuary , they must be Saved and Protected as with All Wildlife.

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