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Tell Congress to Oppose Scott Pruitt as Head of the EPA

January 31, 2017 | Environment

Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency, gave evasive answers to hundreds of questions from Senators trying to evaluate his fitness to for the office. Not only that, but he was unable to name even a single EPA regulation he supported. It showed a breathtaking, if perhaps unsurprising, amount of contempt for not only one of the nation’s most vital offices but also the very post he aspires to hold.

On most questions the Environment and Public Works Committee’s ranking Democrat, Senator Tom Carper, said “Pruitt’s answers give us no substance.”Image result for scott pruitt

Pruitt denies basic scientific facts and consensus, which is why Christine Todd Whitman, EPA administrator under President George W. Bush, said “I don’t recall ever having seen an appointment of someone who is so disdainful of the agency and the science behind what the agency does.”

Pruitt has questioned whether mercury is toxic to health.  He contends that climate science is “far from settled” and that “scientists continue to disagree.” This is simply not true.  

We may disagree about potential solutions, but more than 97 percent of peer-reviewed climate science research demonstrates that climate change is occurring and greenhouse gases derived from human activities are the primary cause.  How can Pruitt protect moose, ducks, brook trout, and countless other birds, fish and wildlife, if he won’t even acknowledge the primary cause of climate change? 

Since Trump announced his EPA pick earlier this month, news reports have underscored Pruitt's sustained attack on the agency he's been appointed to head and his apparent reluctance to enforce environmental regulation. As attorney general, Pruitt has pursued 14 lawsuits against the EPA, while receiving nearly $240,000 from the fossil fuel industry or associations that represent it. (ICN has documented Pruitt's deep ties to the industry, including its support for his political career.)

This has not gone over well with many Senators, including Sen. Blumenthal of Connecticut who told FoA, “ I share your concerns regarding Mr. Pruitt’s commitment to environmental protection and his qualifications to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. President Trump’s decision to nominate Mr. Pruitt to head the EPA is ominous and alarming. It also raises significant concerns about the Trump Administration’s position on both the EPA and environmental policy.”


So our final prognosis? Pruitt would be good for polluters, bad for everyone else.

Take Action 
The Senate is responsible for considering and voting on Donald Trump’s nominations. Take action now by calling your U.S. Senators and asking them to defeat Pruitt’s nomination. Find your Senators here. 


Pruitt is an anti-science climate denier. He has no capacity to do the job if he has no understanding of science, further, he wants to enact dangerous policies.

For the environments sake.

Do not confirm this monster!

this guy cares about ONE thing - money

Scott Pruitt is completely unqualified to head the EPA! No on Pruitt!

Do not confirm Scott Pruitt!

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