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Cheers to NYC Council Member Torres for Sponsoring Exotic Animal Ban Bill

January 03, 2017 | nyc / Take Action / Circus

We have a huge cheer today for New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, who is sponsoring the exotic animal ban bill, Intro 1233, which would ban wild and exotic animals from appearing in entertainment events.

“Animals deserve to be protected and live in natural environments that aren’t altered for entertainment purposes,” Torres said. “This bill will ensure that exotic animals are kept out of environments they are not supposed to be in.”

Intro 1233, which was introduced by Council Member Rosie Mendez, is also sponsored by Corey D. Johnson; Annabel Palma; Fernando Cabrera; Daniel Dromm; Jumaane Williams; Ydanis Rodriquez; Helen Rosenthal; and Vanessa Gibson. It is currently in the Council’s Committee on Health following a public hearing.


Animals such as elephants, tigers, lions bears, alligators, monkeys and apes shouldn’t have to suffer to entertain us in the year 2016. Society knows better—we know that wild animals used in circuses and other performances are often trained by having their spirits broken, forced to perform ridiculous, degrading stunts while otherwise caged and chained in trains and trailers, enduring arduous travel each year in small cages.

Captive animals used for entertainment are denied their natural behaviors such as having extended social groups and living and moving freely in large outdoor areas. When exploited for commercial entertainment purposes, wild animals lead unnatural lives of misery, deprivation and confinement. The New York City Council now has the opportunity to send a strong message around the world by passing this legislation into law to protect wild animals from being used as “entertainment” within the great city of New York.

Please take a moment to thank the council members who have already sponsored the bill. You can find contact info here. And tell City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito ( to schedule the bill for a committee vote. You can contact members of the Health Committee to support the bill when it comes up for a vote by clicking here.



Thank you very much for your support to animals!!!

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