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"What to Make of Those Animal-Welfare Labels on Meat and Eggs"- The New York Times

February 16, 2017 | Vegetarianism &Veganism
Ever wonder what all of those labels on eggs and animal products mean: "Free range." "Cage-Free." "Certified Humane"? The New York Times recently ran a fascinating article, which confirms what Friends of Animals has been saying all along about such labels: THEY MEAN NOTHING.
Did you know?:
- The phrases used on the labels have no defined meaning; for example, free range does not even mean an animal had access to pasture;
- The Agriculture Department offers "guidelines," and farms must apply to use certain words and phrases on packages, but there is no inspection process whatsoever -- ever; 
- The largest certifier is the American Humane Association -- which has the least rigorous standards, unsurprisingly;
- Some standards set forth by certification groups are the same as those issued by the meat industry.
The bottom line? The only way to eat a humane diet is to avoid animal products altogether and be vegan. Friends of Animals has two, delicious vegan cookbooks and an informative Vegan Starter Guide -- both of which are available on our website!

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