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San Francisco Just Outlawed The Sale Of Non-Rescue Cats and Dogs In Pet Stores

February 21, 2017 | adopt / spay and neuter


We have a big cheer today for the news that San Francisco has passed an ordinance to prohibit pet shops from selling any dogs or cats unless they came from animal rescue organizations or animal shelters. 

The legislation, introduced by Supervisor Katy Tang, also requires pet shops to maintain records proving the source of each dog and cat as well as to identify in the cages of the animals where the came from.


This move is an effort to bring an end to “puppy mills”, where dogs are used as breeding machines to mass-produce and sell puppies, as well as to bring thousands of abandoned or unwanted, but perfectly lovely, dogs and cats into loving homes.


“We really do believe that it will send a great message not just in San Francisco but across California, nationwide and hopefully worldwide,” Tang said.


What you can do to help take action against puppy mills:

Adopt a dog or cat from a shelter and do not purchase dogs or cats from pet shops. There is no reason to breed dogs and cats while millions are killed in shelters. Without pet shop sales, the market for puppy mills will disappear.


Educate the public by writing letters to local newspapers, distributing compiles of this fact sheet outside pet stores in your area, and contacting local TV and radio shows about the issue.

Send a donation to Friends of Animals to support our nationwide spay and neuter program and to help us expose puppy mills.


Against puppy mills and for neutering and blame the 2 legged morons.

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