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Too cold for you? Then it's too cold for your pets!

February 12, 2016 | Take Action

With a deep freeze on the horizon for much of the East coast, we’re spreading the important message that your pets need extra attention during the next few frigid days! There have been far too many instances this winter of neglectful and abusive pet owners forcing their animals to weather out winter storms on their own. And though your dog or cat has a lush furry coat they're apt to love these freezing temperatures about as much as you do.


We were horrified to see the acts of cruelty that took place during the last winter storm to hit NYC. Evelyn Tully Costa of Crown Heights recorded her neighbor’s two elderly dogs on video howling as they were left out in the yard during the blizzard.


“I know there are dog breeds that like to sleep in the snow, that’s not these dogs. They’re short haired, they’re old. They’re limping around,” Costa told The New York Post, referring to her neighbor’s 16- and 17-year-old dogs, who were snowed into an uninsulated backyard building in the bitter cold during the last big snow storm.


A similar battle against a neglectful owner is currently taking place in Gowanus where resident Dorota Trec had over 180 rabbits seized and rescued by the NYPD and ASPCA last March, after she stored them in abusive conditions outside a tire shop. She has yet again decided to breed rabbits and is currently keeping them in cages in freezing weather. Neighbors have been alerting the authorities about the conditions and we are urging our NYC members to do the same. You can report animal neglect by calling 311.


There are also ways you can take action during the next few days to help keep animals safe and warm.


  1. Regulate the amount of time your pets stay outside. The shorter the better...but they still need exercise! Remember to check and clean their paws for salt and chemical residue before they come inside to prevent infections.

  2. If you have spare feral cat shelters, like coolers or boxes, you can leave them out and fill with towels for feral cats in their neighborhood to take shelter in. Be sure to check your car in the morning for cats who may have taken shelter under or inside the hood of  your car as well.

  3. If you live in New York, contact your state legislators about backing this bill which aims to protect pets from extreme cold and heat by holding owners accountable.  


Protect pets from extreme cold and heat by holding owners accountable!

This time of year the real issue is HEAT! It would be great to have as thoughtful an article as this is for the cold to address the dangers of heat for our animals.

Protect pets from extreme cold and heat!

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