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Summer 2017 - Act•ionLine

Friends of Animals provides a voice for wildlife at the People's Climate March


That was the message of the more than 200,000+ people who descended upon Washington DC, on April 29, the 100th day of Trump’s presidency, in a powerful demonstration of unity for climate action. Recognizing that the new administration has already taken actions to weaken environmental protections of air and water, and to enable fossil fuel exploitation on public lands and in waters, Friends of Animals was compelled to provide a voice for animals and to demonstrate we plan to fight harder than ever for their protection.


Friends of Animals decided to become a partner in the People’s Climate March because our Wildlife Law Program places wildlife and critical habitat at the center of our advocacy, and we know that climate change is altering key habitat elements that are critical to wildlife's survival while putting natural resources in jeopardy overall.


Species may not be able to adapt to this rapid climate change or to move fast enough to more suitable areas as their current areas become less suitable for them. It inspired us to see so many take to the streets in D.C. to speak up for our planet and all the creatures we share it with.


We were among the demonstrators who braved temperatures above the 90s to march from the Capitol building down Pennsylvania Avenue, chanting phrases like “The oceans are rising and so are we,” "water is life," and "keep it in the soil, can't drink oil!" before surrounding the White House complex and staging a choreographed sit-in, some beating their chests 100 times to symbolize both the president's time in office and the heartbeat of the environmental movement.


The movement stretched far beyond Washington, however, with sister climate marches also held in Denver, Chicago and San Francisco and around the world, including London and Lisbon, Portugal. Unless significant action is taken now, global warming will likely become the single most important factor to affect wildlife since the emergence of humankind. There is no Planet B, so please continue to support Friends of Animals so we can ensure a safe future for human and non-human animals alike.




Act•ionLine Summer 2017

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